Ikigai - A Garden That Ties You With The Fundamentals Of The World

Ikigai is an apartment project built with the purpose of bringing joy to future occupants. The condo is blessed with abundant greenery, allowing future residents to enjoy the beautiful scenery right outside their balconies. You can cross a graphite colonnade amid soaring trees, lively bushes and colorful flower clusters swaying in the breeze. Sitting on one of the stone benches along a nature-filled path will inspire contemplation, look within, and the journey of your life. It is your oasis to soothe the heart and refresh the mind. To find the beauty of the natural world, as well as the depth of the idyllic.

This new ultra-modern design Ikigai Condo aims to offer modern accommodation units inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi concept, which, together with the lush greenery and peace surrounding the residence, are designed to help you get relief from the fast pace and stress of modern lifestyle. Peaceful, meditative and green full of life.

Ikigai Residences is equipped with modern residential amenities to ensure residents' pleasure. An indoor gym is provided to the residents to ensure their health and well-being. This development also features recreational amenities such as a children's playground and squash courts. If you like a peaceful atmosphere, the reading room is the perfect place for you. Many other facilities are always available for future residents to explore and enjoy.

Check out Ikigai Unit Layouts from today, it is an attractive and sought-after development so units sell out quickly. Don't miss this opportunity!


Ikigai Condo - Luxurious Living For Nature Lovers


Ikigai Site Plan

1st Floor

1. Car Park Lots
2. Electric Vehicle Charging
3. Bicycle Park
4. Letterbox
5. Sheltered Pavilion

6. Lift Lobby
7. Gym
8. Toilets (Handicap)
9. Outdoor Shower
10. Swimming Pool
11. Kids Pool

Ikigai Facilities

Ikigai Interior