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HDB's Innovative Resale Flat Listing Service: Streamlining Transactions and Building Trust in the Marketplace

HDB's Innovative Resale Flat Listing Service: Streamlining Transactions and Building Trust in the Marketplace.

HDB's Innovative Resale Flat Listing Service: Streamlining TransactionsHDB's Innovative Resale Flat Listing Service: Streamlining Transactions

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore is set to enhance the property market with a new listing service for resale flats. This platform is designed to be a dependable and secure marketplace, providing features that guide sellers if their pricing exceeds the norm by more than 10%.

A forthcoming service on HDB's online portal will offer a streamlined approach for buying an d selling flats, promoting ease and clarity in the process.

This service is poised to establish itself as a "reliable listing marketplace," accessible exclusively to verified buyers and authentic sellers.

To foster transparency, the service will notify sellers whose asking prices surpass the most recent sales by over 10%, as declared by HDB on May 12.

The service will debut on the HDB Flat Portal in a phased manner, beginning with a preliminary launch on Monday.


The new service will be integrated with HDB's existing online offerings.

It will encompass detailed information on New Launch Condos, existing flats, financial planning tools, and the facility to lodge resale applications—all consolidated on a singular platform. This amalgamation is intended to assist buyers in considering both new and resale flat options comprehensively, enabling more informed decision-making.

Sellers and their agents will benefit from an additional marketing channel and the ability to manage listings and transactions in one place, according to HDB.


The service's full features will be exclusive to buyers holding a valid HFE letter.

Prospective buyers can peruse listings, but full access, including seller contact details and viewing arrangements, requires a valid HFE letter.

Sellers must have a confirmed Intent to Sell to list their property, ensuring a single, verified listing per flat.

These protocols guarantee that only eligible individuals engage with the listing service, HDB emphasized.

Participants will receive data such as transaction volumes and average prices for comparable flats in the area over the last six months.

An innovative feature will advise sellers if their price is at least 10% higher than the recent highest sale for a similar flat type, or if the price is notably low.

This system encourages sellers and their agents to consider and adjust their pricing before listing, as explained by HDB to CNA.

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