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Property launches: Experts talk about The Arden by QingJian Realty

Property launches: Experts talk about The Arden by QingJian Realty.

Property launches at Phoenix Road with favorable location, including The Arden project, will be redeveloped to provide 80 apartments with modern architectural design. The Arden, a new apartment building located in District 23, Phoenix Avenue Singapore. Qingjian Realty will develop it. It is strategically located in an area with a term of 99 years. There are a total of 79 units, ranging in size from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms. It provides a peaceful and healthy environment for your loved ones to create a positive and healthy environment. The Arden Residences is a great choice for home seekers and a smart investment for you and your family.

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Property launches: The Arden Residences Location And Amenities

Property launches: The Arden Residences Location And Amenities

The Arden is developed by CNQC Realty (Treasure), a subsidiary of QingJian Realty, bid for a row of shops and apartments on Phoenix Road near Bukit Panjang. The property's second collective sale saw the properties sold in a single block for S$42.6 million.

Property launches with total sales valued at S$42 million above the asking price. Each owner can get an estimate for the sale of S$1.08 million-1.44 million depending on the size and condition of their unit. There are 24 residential units and 12 shops in the existing property. They are located on two rows of three-story houses ranging in size from 83 to 91 square meters.

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After adjusting for the differential premium, the enbloc agreement gives an approximate land rate of S$630 per square foot per lot (psf ppr). The 99-year lease term for the land parcel of Phuong Hoang Street commenced on January 1, 1969.

You will feel refreshed and calm before the beautiful view from this property launches. It is important to consider where you will be staying. The Arden is in a great location. You will find everything you need in this area, including shopping, entertainment and F&B. You can get anywhere you want in just a few minutes with transport connections. You can be sure that your children will receive a quality education from the high quality educational institutions around this apartment complex.

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The Arden within Bukit Batok Town Park

Property launches: The Arden within Bukit Batok Town Park

The Arden with Pang Sua Pond features Singapore

Property launches: The Arden with Pang Sua Pond features Singapore

Bukit Panjang hawker center and market near the Arden condo building at Phoenix Choa Chu Kang Road of Qingjian Realty. They also recognize the importance of education at all ages and know that it cannot be underestimated. The condo is close to great facilities like Jurong Lake District, Jurong Innovation Zone or SAFRA Clubhouse. These areas are great places to spend time with family and friends. Near this development there are many water features that relax your mind and body. The hydrotherapy bath with Swimming Pool and Floating Aquarium can help you relax. The condo has everything you need to always fit into the small available space. You will have a great time in The condo thanks to its many amenities and facilities.

Property launches are spacious, allowing you to enjoy the freedom from inefficient layouts that can make you nervous. This apartment is the epitome of modern sophistication and stylish comfort. Living in one of these apartments can offer luxury as well as comfort.

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