One Bukit Vue - Master The Perfect Balance Of Fine Living

One Bukit Vue brings you an unprecedented experience with green living space and close to nature. Back home with One Bukit Vue, you will experience design to inspire a whole new level of awe. The project blends the emphasis of modern living with the splendor of nature, creating a stunning composition that transcends the boundaries of design. Breathe in the fresh air of nature and enjoy all the facilities that this project brings, you will surely be satisfied with what this condominium brings. Immerse yourself in the green space and forget all worries, your life will become more meaningful than ever.

One Bukit Vue Floor Plans has already been updated. Check it out now and choose the most suitable home for yourself!

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One Bukit Vue - Every Experience An Exquisite Surprise


One Bukit Vue Facilities


Facilities is coming soon, Please kindly CONTACT US or FILL IN THE FORM to get the first-hand information