15 Holland Hill offers you some quality me-time at the seashore inspired party deck located on the ground floor. The party pavilion and barbeque deck merge enticingly with the spa pool and lap pool, providing easy lounging and entertainment options for relaxing evenings or balmy weekends. You and your loved one can immerse yourself, swim and rest while meditating on the sun following the presence of sun deck within the great communal facilities. Other such as indoor gym, guard house and tennis court are strategically placed to support both the residents and visitors.

15 Holland Hill swimming pool

15 Holland Hill Condo Landscape

15 Holland Hill Condo, relaxation is definitely to look forward to. The convenience will not be enough to satisfy if recreation and relaxation are taken for granted. The opportunity to relax, work-out and to take a breather can easily be done as it is within the walking distance to the magnificent Singapore Botanical Gardens which lush and greenery will certainly help revitalise and refresh the mentally-stressed and physically-exhausted future inhabitants the condo former Olina Lodge of Peak Opal. Break of dawn, rise and shine!

A great design with a unique stylish can be highlighted in the smallest detail. Now, go to visit 15 Holland Hill Floor Plans!

15 Holland Hill Site Plan

Site plan

    A. Arrival Pavilion
    B. Garden Concierge
    C. Gym
    D. Secret Garden

    E. Swimming Pool
    F. Pool Pavilion
    G. Children’s Playground
    H. Yoga Pavilion

    I. The Vale
    J. The Knolls
    K. The Blooms
    L. Clubhouse

    M. Guardhouse
    1. Generator (Lower ground)
    2. Bin Centre (Lower ground)
    Water Tank (Roof)

15 Holland Hill Facilities

Home In Acres Of Nature


59 spacious homes, within a site that is two-thirds greenery. Where elevated views and bespoke gardens create an enchanting landscape. For enjoying life at its peak. Up a gently winding tree-lined road, perched on two hilly acres atop Holland Hill, come home to a tranquil haven of freehold luxury living at 15 Holland Hil.

Home in a garden

Gardens in the sky


A secret garden, peaceful and private.

Diverse garden experience

Light, open and airy, with 270-degree views.