Affinity at Serangoon's Important Breakdown and Preview


Affinity @ Serangoon is the worth choice for both investors and home-buyers. Here is some reasons that related to the Affinity @ Serangoon Prices:

  • Great connectivity with roads and transport
  • Pretigious Local and International School nearby
  • Just a few minutues to Town, Central Business District, and also South Marina bay
  • NEX, Chomp Chomp Families Centre are in the vicinty
  • Adapt for the expatriate demand from Lycee Francais de Singapour
  • Surrounding Business Parks: Amk Industrial Park and Serangoon North Industrial Estate
  • High quality of living

On May 15, 2018, Affinity @ Serangoon was just announced with its official launch of Development name. Since this time, we provide the latest news and updates continously. In addition, it is important to note that former HUDC estates, which is the huge under-built swathes of land. In this year. many lands in this region are expected to develop strongly. It means that they are listed on the awarded collective sales. Therefore, developers hope that the number of units will be increased by three to five times the existing capacity. This includes estates like Affinity @ Serangoon, and Riverfront Residence (formerly Rio Casa Enbloc).

Affinity Serangoon condo is the valuable project to invest for both home buyers and investors. Location is the big advantage for this project with many reputable schools and amenities surrounded. Let's contact us soon to receive the special direct price from developer.

Serangoon North Estate(Affinity at Serangoon located)'s short history


The British (and some Australian and New Zealand) soldiers and airmen, owned a residential estate named Serangoon Gardens. Some of them were based in the nearby RAF (Royal Air Force) Chia Keng Camp, until the early seventies.

The name Serangoon is likely to be derived from burong ranggoon, referring to a species of black and white stork that lives around Sungei Serangoon (formerly called Rangoon River). Satu, or one in Malay, was added to the name, thus becoming Saranggoon. For a long period of time, this name was used before it eventually evolved to Serangoon. When Japanese came and during the Japanese Occupation, many plots in this region were became flower farms. As a result, this estate was officially named Serangoon Gardens.

URA Masterplan For Developing Serangoon Where Affinity at Serangoon is


The site is belong into the URA’s Serangoon Planning area. There are many comparative developments in the area, such as Kensington Park, Affinity @ Serangoon by Oxley Holdings.In addition, Terrassei will be located slightly further to the East. There has been a drought for new condominium launches in the estate. Therefore, Affinity Serangoon condo will together with Keppel and Wingtai The Garden Residences is expected to be a "new wave" for the entire area and neighbourhood. Moreover, the value of the estate will be increased by many surplus activities and vitality will be injected into the estate.

Affinity @ Serangoon has many more exciting things which are waiting for you. Let's book an appointment with us to know why you do not miss this.

After enbloc, the old Serangoon Ville transfromed into Affinity at Serangoon.

Oxley Holding has sucessfully acquired Affinity at Serangoon, an upcoming residential area at Serangoon North, located in the northeastern part of Singapore with S$499 million. (See: Former HUDC estate Serangoon Ville sold en bloc for $499 million). The old Serangoon Ville enbloc is a 244 unit development features three blocks of 13-storey and four blocks of four-storey walk-up apartments.


The Oxley-led CONSORTIUM includes Oxley that takes up a 40 percent stake in the consortium while Lian Beng Group, Unique Invesco Pte Ltd and Apricot Capital are divided the balance equally. Apricot is the private investment firm of Super Group’s Teo family. Unique Invesco is an indirect associate of KSH Holdings and it has 37.5 percent. To top up the lease to 99 years and intensify the land use, the consortium also has to pay $195 million estimated charges.

Information on Enbloc of Serangoon Ville that will transform into Affinity at Serangoon

In July 25th, 2017, total of 5 competitive bids were received a higher price than the owner's asking price after the tender. The property was put up for sale because almost the owners agreed for an en bloc sale (more than 80 percent). As a result, each owner will receive about S$2 million for their property, after the sale is completed successfully, and conditions met. As usual, before the project launch announcement, it has to face with some barriers, such as government paperwork and clearance from the authorities.

When this process finished, the new project is ready to go. Besides that, Oxley Holding has officially announced the name to be Affinity @ Serangoon, at the moment. Located in a premium matured estate, Affinity at Serangoon Condo launch in Singapore is expected to bring the excitement for both investors and home-buyers.

This is a massive project and it cannot be delayed or stopped, because the leading of this project is a major player in the industry - the CONSORTIUM. Family is the priority of this condo development, it will consist of approximately 1052 units, with strata landed and 5 commercial shops. The future home-buyers can have many choices from one bedroom to family-sized units, based on their needs and abilities

.Additionally, most of the units will be north-south facing and enjoy convenience and amenities in Serangoon North mature estate. This new development of the Affinity @ Serangoon condo is calculated to feature a land rate of $835 per sq ft per plot ratio.according to sources. Besides that, developer is the big advantage for this development. Affinity @ Serangoon is developed by reputable developer - Oxley. This developer has been famous for developing luxurious condos and units for residential purposes. Likely other previous Oxley's significant projects, Affinity Serangoon will also have many luxurious units and high-class facilities.

Affinity at Serangoon is the great destination for people who are looking for a cosy home at a golden location. Furthermore, the variety of units type will adapt the different needs of each individuals. For more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will bring more amazing things to you.

In 2018, Property Investment Sales will hit the high number, about $46 Billion

According to a Colliers International report, real estate investment sales in Singapore is expected to grow 15 percent year-on-year to $46 billion in 2018, and climb a further 5.0 to 10 percent in 2019. Total property investment sales accounted for 89 percent to $11 billion from Q1 last year, it came mainly by the residential sector, in the first quarter of 2018. By this reason, many developers are confident to launch their new condo projects.

imageThe sale of Pacific Mansion remains the largest collective sale transaction since the $1.34 billion Farrer Court deal in 2007.

When developers continues to supplement their land banks, this number get from selling residential land, including several large collective sale transactions is about $9.15 billion or 83 percent of total investment sales in the quarter. 
The residential collective sales have been taken a large amount of the deals. In detail, the five largest deals in Q1 are Pacific Mansion which went for $980 million, Park West at $840.9 million, Pearlbank Apartments at $728 million, Goodluck Garden at $610 million, and Brookvale Park at $530 million. 

A consortium comprising GuocoLand, Intrepid Investments and Hong Realty has bought Pacific Mansion with the purchase price was $1,987 psf per plot ratio (psf ppr) for a land rate. It became the largest collective sale transaction since the $1.34 billion Farrer Court deal in 2007. 
Colliers also said: there were 24 collective sale deals amounting to $8.12 billion, close to the $8.13 billion from 27 deals last year, as at 3 May. 

Tang Wei Leng, managing director at Colliers International said “Interestingly, barely five months into 2018, the transaction value of residential collective sale deals has caught up with that of 2017,”

The collective sale market is likely to remain buoyant this year, barring any unforeseen events. That said, to get a deal across the line, it is also key that owners set realistic asking price. Owners’ expectations have risen in tandem with the rising property market – particularly so of late, as the cost of buying a replacement home has increased,” she added.

Meanwhile, comparing with the previous quarter, public investment sales decreased 18% in Q1, however, it increased 166% to $1.24 billion from a year ago.

Developers are attracted by the executive condominium site at Sumang Walk in Punggol, it is appealed about 17 bids in total. The site was awarded to City Developments Limited (CDL) and TID Residential for $509.3 million or $583 psf ppr, a record psf price for an EC site. 
Besides that, the Handy Road tender has received nine bids by CDL when comparing with other bidders with $212.2 million ($1,722 psf ppr). Due the the locacation, its psf price is accorded about 12.3% above the next highest bidder. 

“These reflect the developers’ hunger for land as well as their confidence in the residential market across mass market to the high-end segments,” said Colliers.

Real estate market is the "delicious pie" for developers. The price of land increased as well as the needs of customers. That is the reason why many new projects appeared in 2018 and adapted for the desire of both investors and customers. Affinity at Serangoon is one of the noticeable projects in Singapore in general and in Serangoon in particular. This development developed by Oxley Serangoon and has approximately 1052 picturesque uints. 
Affinity at Serangoon aslo has the great connnectivity with other places in Singapore by Kovan MRT Station, The Central Expressway (CTE), Serangoon MRT Station and Lorong Chuan MRT Station.

Affinity @ Serangoon located at Serangoon North Ave 1, District 19, Singapore with many nearby amenities. Please look at the Location to know more about its strategic location and kindly contact us soon to have the priority unit selections.

Adapted from PropertyGuru May 7, 2018