Altura EC - Relax and calm your mind

Altura EC is a luxury and high-end project that attracts many homebuyers this year. Located on a land of 12,500m2 and estimated to bring 375 exclusive apartments. This project is expected by extremely delicate landscape design and breath of nature, along with facilities that fully meet the needs of a resort.

Altura Ave 8 EC is designed as a green space combining modern elements. The landscape close to nature was created so that you can establish a more harmonious life, before the busyness and smog of the bustling city, this is the place for you to find true peace. From kid-centered safe and fun activity areas to outdoor swimming and jogging areas to creative recreation spaces for any time of day.

To sum up, Altura Condo makes you feel purified in the most relaxing way. It provides you with an integrated place for self-development and wellness to create a holistic, energizing environment for you and your loved ones. Believe it, this is a good investment for your family and yourself, and this apartment is the choice not to be missed right now.

Quickly check the available units at Altura EC today, this is an attractive and sought-after location so it sells out quickly!

Altura Facilities



Facilities is coming soon, Please kindly CONTACT US or FILL IN THE FORM to get the first-hand information