Pool Party Dreams Come True

Fernvale Lane EC brings quality living moments, from the facilities that the project brings, this is a great choice that you should consider immediately. Soothed by the tranquil tranquility of Lap Pool while being revived by the endless charm from the side view from suburban to magnificent metropolis. Facilities you can enjoy anytime of the day, any day of the week. A personal space allows you to live large, in the company of other delicate individuals. Peaceful and serene, only at Fernvale Lane EC.

Your satisfaction will bloom as soon as the look is full of sparkle in your eyes. Feeling the serenity of Fernvale Lane EC brings a clear mind and radiant smile. Like picturesque waters, exotic greenery and pampering health facilities. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, for an endless. The apartment will be a beautiful sight with clean lines and modern design combined to create the most seamless combination of nature and urban life.

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Parc Greenwich Site Plan


Arrival Zone

1. Drop-off
2. Arrival Lounge
3. Arrival Water feature

Village Square

4. Waterfall Lounge
5. Parc Room
6. Greenwich Room
7. Function Lawn
8. Play Nest
9. Champs Club
10. Accessible Toilet
11. Bicycle Park
(1st Storey & Basement)

Family Meadow

12. Village Lawn
13. Tranquil Lawn
14. Playground
15. Farm-to-table
16. BBQ Pavilion

Pool Oasis

17. 50m Oasis Pool
18. Oasis Deck
19. Sun Deck

20. Sunset Pavilion
21. Central Garden
22. Tai Chi Lawn
23. Central Deck

Wellness Zone

24. Wellness Lobby

Wellness Club

    1st Storey

    25. Village Hall
    26. Changing Room and Steam Room

    2nd Storey

    27. Gym 28. Fitness Deck

    3rd Storey

    29. Parkview BBQ Pavilion
    30. Parkview Deck
    31. Garden Alcove
    32. Pets Corner
    33. Recreational Tennis Court

Spa Valley

34. Tranquil Garden
35. Sunrise Lawn
36. Spa Garden

37. Rejuvenation Pool
38. Vitality Pool
39. Vitality Pool Deck
40. Chillout Deck

Petite Zone

41. Splash Pool
42. Splash Pool Deck
43. Sunrise Pavilion
44. Breeze Patio

Evergreen Garden

45. Gardening Corner
46. Herbs Garden
47. Community Farm Garden
48. Fruit Orchard Garden
49. Teatime Terrace
50. Garden Lounge
51. Flower Garden
52. Aromatic Garden


GH. Guardhouse
M. Management Office
S. Side Gate
G. Genset
SS. Sub-Station (Basement)
B. Bin Centre (Basement)

Home in an Urban Village

Located opposite Seletar Hills and minutes’ drive from Serangoon Gardens, Parc Greenwich offers you a modern, vibrant and idyllic lifestyle, with time for all you love.

With 8 recreational zones and 2 clubhouses, including a 3-storey Wellness Club, you can look forward to something to do all day, all week. Innovative design anticipates your future lifestyle needs.

Make Parc Greenwich your home in an urban village.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Make time for well-being

Parc Greenwich facilities

The perfect dream home

The future Seletar Regional Centre has the potential to grow to two times the size of Tampines Regional Centre. Together with Seletar Aerospace Park, Seletar Regional Centre will be a major employment node for people living in the area.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Relax in a sanctuary made for wellness

Take a breather at the Waterfall Lounge. Enjoy time to yourself while your kids play at the Village Lawn

Parc Greenwich facilities

Modern Vibrant Idyllic

The village lifestyle offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. After all, home should be where you feel safe, relaxed, and completely yourself.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Make time for well-being

Wellness-centric facilites to inspire a good life

Holistic well-being is the foundation of a happy and meaningful life. Thoughtfully designed facilities and 2 clubhouses, including a 3-storey Wellness Club, help you make time for every aspect of your well-being

Parc Greenwich facilities

Designed for your well-being

After a long week, unwind at the Spa Garden, Rejuvenation Pool or Vitality Pool. Feels great when you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy a resort lifestyle.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Workout or cookout while enjoying the great outdoors

Wellness-centric facilites to inspire a good life

With unblocked vistas of greenery and the neighbouring Seletar Hills landed estate, this is the perfect spot for yoga or to gather some friends for a BBQ with a view.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Flexible space for a wellness -inspired lifestyle

Wellness Club 1st Storey - Village Hall

Specially designed as an exclusive space for well-being, the 3-storey Wellness Club is one of Parc Greenwich’s most unique features. A high-ceiling Village Hall within the Wellness Club offers you flexible, multi-purpose space to indulge in all that you like, from fitness-based recreational activities like badminton, yoga and dance, to hosting social events like parties, celebrations and seminars. At Parc Greenwich, wellness is carefully thought out for everyone.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Wellness Club 2nd Storey - Gym

Make use of facilties like the gym, fitness decks, tennis court, multiple pools and more to live the best version of yourself every day

Introducing the Greenwich Wellness Checklist

Recent events have shown that wellness is important in reducing stress and achieving a higher quality of life. Take a look at our Greenwich Wellness Checklist to see how various aspects of Parc Greenwich cater to the different dimensions of your wellness.

Family is a gift that keeps giving

Parc Greenwich facilities

8 Recreational Zones for lots of fun, lots of food, lots of family time

Plenty of facilities split into 8 exciting recreational zones including 2 clubhouses provide endless opportunities to play, entertain and bond. From fully-equipped function rooms and BBQ pavilions to multiple pools and activities to keep the little ones occupied, there’s always something exciting to look forward to at Parc Greenwich.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Movie screenings, live matches, after-dinner parties

Greenwich Room
Greenwich Room comes with a luxurious living and entertainment area for after-dinner drinks, movie nights, live sports screenings, and all that you fancy. Parc Room and Greenwich Room can also be combined to fit your needs. When not in use, these facilities become cosy spaces to nurture community, where neighbours can meet and socialise with one another.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Bond over laughter and games

Soak in the laid-back village vibe with iced cold beer and a round or two of darts and pool at the Champs Club. VILLAGE SQUARE Champs Club

Parc Greenwich facilities

Made for work and play

Splash Pool
While the kids entertain themselves at the Splash Pool, the grown-ups are not left out either. In the day, get some work done at the pavilion, which is equipped with tables and perforated screens that can be used for shade and projection. As evening falls, the space becomes a social pod for food and drinks.

Parc Greenwich facilities

50m Oasis Pool to relax and rejuvenate

50m Oasis Pooll
Let your stresses melt away as you plunge into the refreshing waters. Or if you prefer, lounge on the Oasis Deck, under the canopy of beautiful trees

Parc Greenwich facilities

Host the best parties

The first of two beautifully furnished function rooms, Parc Room comes with a kitchen and dining area to host culinary classes and gatherings among friends, family and even neighbours. It’s a wonderful feeling when neighbours become friends and friends become community.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Imaginative spaces for your precious little ones

Let your little ones play in the safety and air-conditioned comfort of the imaginative Play Nest. The colourful space can also be beautifully decorated to host your child’s birthday parties.

Parc Greenwich facilities

Something for everyone in the family

Kick back, relax and tuck into some fresh grill at the Farm-to-table BBQ Pavilion while watching your kids have fun at the Playground and Function Lawn.

Be kinds to animals

Parc Greenwich facilities

Pets playdate

Even your little furkids have a dedicated space. Bring them for a playdate and meet fellow petlovers at the Pets Corner.

Greenwich Wellness Checklist

Recent events have shown that wellness is important in reducing stress and achieving a higher quality of life. Take a look at our Greenwich Wellness Checklist to see how various aspects of Parc Greenwich cater to the different dimensions of your wellness.

Get back to nature


Come home to beautiful gardens

Parc Greenwich is landscaped with beautiful gardens. There is even a park next to it, so you can enjoy nature all around. From tree-lined passageways to meditative lawns, this is where your family can benefit from the endless wonders of nature.


Let nature clear and centre your mind

Central Garden
As you stroll around the Central Garden, you’ll notice the simple joys that nature brings. Flowers blooming, leaves gently rustling, little butterflies fluttering about. It’s the perfect setting to centre and calm your mind with tai chi or mindfulness meditation.


Resort-style landscape to unwind and relax

Spa Garden
With its elegant facilities and lush landscape, the Spa Garden easily puts you in a holiday mood. Relax with your favourite drink, take a photo for your latest IG post, #resortliving

Grow Something


Farm-to-table freshness

The Herbs Garden and Community Farm Garden at Parc Greenwich let you grow and harvest your very own greens. Something even the young ones will have fun doing!


A nature-inspired home to uplift your senses

Stimulate your senses as you explore the many gardens of Parc Greenwich. Be uplifted by the delicate scent of herbs and the vibrant colours of tropical harvest. Linger at the terraces and let nature restore peace and harmony within.

    • Central Garden
    • Tranquil Garden
    • Spa Garden
    • Gardening Corner
    • Herbs Garden
    • Community

    • Farm Garde
    • Fruit Orchard Garden
    • Teatime Terrace
    • Garden Lounge
    • Flower Garden
    • Aromatic Garden

Embrace The Future


Adapting to your changing needs

Your lifestyle changes as you go through different stages in life, along with your needs. For example, you might require more room as your family grows, an extra space to work or learn from home, or even indulge in a walk-in wardrobe. Whichever life stage you are in, there is something for you and your family at Parc Greenwich.


Smart Home Enabled

Make use of technology to make life more convenient, connected, and intuitive. Your home can be seamlessly integrated with IoT to transform and empower the way you live.

Work-from-home facilities

Parc Greenwich comes with future-proofed features that let you work from home and within the common areas in comfort.

Flexible Layout

Specific walls can be removed to provide a more flexible layout to better fit your interests, lifestyle, and evolving life stage. Enjoy the option of combining rooms or reconfiguring the space to create a hobby room, an office or study area, an entertainment room, a reading nook, or a bigger kids’ room for siblings to sleep, study and play together in their own space. The possibilities are endless!

Modern Conveniences and Comforts all in one application


Interiors | Floor Plans


Abundance of natural light and breeze

The Viva range comprises 2 and 3 bedroom unit types with practical and well-considered layouts.

The 3 bedroom units are classic homes that offer a large living area and good-sized bedrooms. The design not only provides beautiful views of the gardens and lush surrounds, but introduces an abundance of light, so the interior spaces feel bright and airy. The separate living and dining areas also make it ideal for families who prefer to watch TV and entertain guests away from the dining area.

2 bedroom units are modern homes that come with 2 bathrooms for extra privacy and added convenience, especially when hosting guests. The enclosed kitchen also keeps the space more tidy, with cooking, cleaning and washing all tucked away from the living area.

Parc Greenwich facilities





Parc Greenwich facilities


Direct access to balcony from kitchen

The Verandah range of 4 and 5 bedroom units are dream homes with a kitchen that opens out to the balcony, offering extended space that can be used as an alfresco dining area or for entertainment.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

This aspect of wellness is about discovering what gives life meaning and direction. By living our values and beliefs, we can experience joy more fully.

Physical Wellness

This means eating well, exercising regularly, and making better lifestyle decisions. Physical wellness gives us more energy and endurance, directly impacting our quality of life.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness is the ability to express and accept a wide range of emotions. When we feel positive about ourselves, we enjoy more satisfying relationships.

Social Wellness

Social Wellness is about connecting with others, playing an active part in the community, and nurturing a strong support network in which we give and receive.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness refers to continuous personal growth and development. It is the ability to keep an active and open mind to pursue different interests and hobbies.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness is about maintaining a healthy relationship with our surroundings. This means spending time in nature and being mindful of what is around us.