Former 10A/ 10B/ 11 Institution Hill | by Macly Group, Roxy-Pacific Holdings and LWH Holdings

Be mesmerized by the magnificent views, at Former 10A/ 10B/ 11 Institution Hill includes of 30 residential units with lively local amenities, comprising a total site area of 813.9 sq m (8,761 sq ft approximately) and a plot ratio of 2.8 with a corresponding total gross floor area of 2,278.92 sq m (24,530 sq ft approximately) for residential development. The new launch condominium is developed by Macly Group, Roxy-Pacific Holdings and LWH Holdings. An exclusive residence overlooking world-class neighbours.

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Former 10A/ 10B/ 11 Institution Hill - A uniquely curated collection


About Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited


Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited (“the Group”) is an established property and hospitality corporation with an Asia-Pacific focus and a track record dating back to May 1967. Listed on the SGX Mainboard since 12 March 2008, the Group is engaged primarily in the development and sale of residential and commercial properties (“Property Development”), Hotel ownership and other investment properties in Asia-Pacific (“Hotel Ownership and Property Investment”), including the ownership of Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy. Since 2013, the three main arms – Property Development, Property Investment and Hotel Ownership have extended their reach beyond Singapore, to countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Japan and Maldives.

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Macly Group (est. 1987) is an established property developer based in Singapore with a track record of developing landed properties, apartments, condominiums, mixed developments, commercial and cluster housing projects. Between 2004 and 2020, the Group developed and launched more than 35 residential and commercial developments in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Macly Group continues to uphold its mission of delivering quality and value to purchasers today.

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Lim Wen Heng Construction Pte Ltd began its history as a private limited company in Singapore in 1994. Under the stewardship of its pioneers and a team of professionals with a vision of growth and quality excellence, the company is growing and establishing itself as one of the construction specialists in the Singapore construction industry. Our major activities are in General Building Construction and other Civil Engineering works. We are registered with the Building & Construction Authority BCA’s Registry of Contractors. Our staff and workers are highly qualified and motivated and we are committed to satisfying our clients’ requiremednts.