Grange 1866 offers a range of 1-, 2- and 2 bedrooms premium with 60 units mix, whether you are a young couple buying your cozy new dream home, or whether you are planning to stay with your extended family, Grange 1866 Condo ’s ideal layouts and floor plans will suit you. To easy for your choose, you may refer to the Grange 1866 Floor Plan below to see where the particular unit type is located.

The unique floor plans & units mix of Grange 1866 Condo is interesting and will please anyone who comes here. Discover the developer to not miss the latest new information and the opportunity to own the dream apartment right from today!!!

Grange 1866 Units Mix

Unit Type Type Size (sq ft) No. of Units
1-Bedroom A, A-R 527 - 700 15
2-Bedroom B1, B1-R 710 - 850 15
2-Bedroom Premium B2, B2-G, B2-R 764 - 926 15
2-Bedroom Suite B3, B3-G, B4, B4-R 818 - 1012 15
Total 60 units

Grange 1866 Floor Plans

1 Bedroom


Type A/ A-R

2 Bedroom


Type B1/ B1-R

2 Bedroom Premium


Type B2/ B2-G/ B2-R


Type B3/ B3-G


Type B4/ B4-R