The design of the development reflects a true serene environment that is ideal for perfect lifestyle. Some of the life changing facilities located within Noma Condo by Macly gives children better opportunity to enjoy since it has children’s playground and a swimming pool within it. You and your loved one can immerse yourself, swim and rest while meditating on the sun following the presence of sun deck within the great facilities. Other such as indoor gym, guard house and tennis court are strategically placed to support both the residents and visitors.

Fully furnished each apartment is ready to be lived in and filled with iconic pieces. Do you want to join room tour at Noma Condo? Let's start! Kindly click Floor Plans.

NOMA Site Plan

NOMA Condo site plan

NOMA Condo site plan 2

1st Storey

01 Vehicular Ingress

02 Vehicular Egress

03 Access Gate

04 Side Gate

05 Lift Lobby

06 Mechanized Car Park

07 Management Office / FCC

08 Consumer Switch Room

09 Loading / Unloading

10 Water Bulk Meter

11 OG Box

6th Storey

12 Communal Planter

13 Infinity Swimming Pool

14 Water Deck

15 Sun Deck

16 Rooftop Dining / BBO Pit

17 Rooftop Terrace

18 Yoga Corner

19 Callisthenics Gym

20 Genset

NOMA Condo site plan

The Hip. The Bold. The Visionary.

The Inspiration

NoMa is inspired by NYC's vibrant NoMad district. The trendy lifestyle, the fashionable crowd, the most cutting-edge of what the city has to offer. NoMa also speaks of a nomadic energy. Bold, confident, and different - just like you.

Made up of only 50 units, NoMa is designed for those in constant pursuit of a different lifestyle. Feel the energy and inspiration as you shape this into your home. At the rooftop, a 12 metre high art mural makes an iconic statement, elevating attention from the surrounding cityscape. 100% bold. 100% freehold.

3 Distinctive Block.
1 Lifestyle.

Because we are all different, the way we express ourselves shouldn't be the same.
NOMA has 3 distinctive blocks, each offering an independent, forward-looking lifestyle.
A canvas to paint who you are, what you represent, and your individual point of view.

NOMA Condo Lifestyle

Bespoke Entrances

NOMA Condo Lifestyle

3 blocks. Each with its own access via 3 different side gates.
3 bespoke keycard design for greater exclusivity.

North Entrace

NOMA Condo west block

West Entrance

NOMA Condo north block

East Entrance

NOMA Condo east block

NOMA Condo facade

The NOMA Tribe

Meet your neighbours at NoMa. A community of morden like-minded individuals, couples and families. Savvy, well-travelled, lifestyle mavericks. Connected yet independent minded. On the lookout for new opportunities, ideas and the next big thing.

NOMA Condo Lifestyle

NOMA Facilities

NOMA Condo facilities

NOMA Condo Lifestyle

The Infiniti Pool

Take a dip in the infinity rooftop pool and soak in the lush surrounds. Lounge on the floating deck, work on a healthy tan, and idle the day away.

The Gym

A modern callisthenics gym designed just for you. Time to turn on your beast mode and work out a sweat.

NOMA Condo Lifestyle

The BBQ Pit

Enjoy great food and great views from this vantage point. The smell of perfectly charred meats, cool vibes, awesome company.

NOMA Condo west block

The Rooftop Life

Chill and wind down at the rooftop. Kickstart your day with yoga in the morning. Catch the sunset from the pool desk. As the city winds down, gather your tribe and stuck into freshly grilled burgers over craft beer and mellow beats.


NOMA Condo west block


NOMA Condo north block


NOMA Condo east block

NOMA Condo facilities

NOMA Condo facilities

The Foyer

Use the foyer to build cleverly concealed cabinets for extra storage. Use your creativity to combine aesthetics and practical space with a wall-mounting option.

NOMA Condo facilities

Sliding panels that opens up for more space flexibility

NOMA Condo facilities

The Living Flexibility

Sliding panels can be opened and closed to give you even more flexibility to suit your lifestyle. Open up the space in the day or close It up at night for absolute privacy.

NOMA Condo facilities

WFH - Friendly Layout

NOMA Condo facilities

The Flexibility: WFH

Enjoy the flexibility of working from home. When there is a need to, a pull-out desk that is built into the shelving can be conveniently set up for work and virtual meetings. When work is done, the desk can be cleverly tucked back so the space looks neat and tidy.

NOMA Condo facilities

The Living Dining

The living and dining areas are purposely designed to be side by side to let you use the space even more creatively or have a more open entertainment space while having friends over.

NOMA Condo facilities

The Master Bedroom

Your space. Your style. Make the master bedroom your private abode. A creative hideaway to reboot and be your most authentic self.

NOMA Condo west block

The Master Bathroom

The Fittings

Form meets function in the selection of branded fittings to offer you a fine quality of life. Trusted and well-known brands make your home a pleasure to dwell in, day after day.

The Fittings 1

The Fittings 2

The Fittings 3