Mori Condo @ Guillemard Road | Live in Natural, Live in Love.

Living well naturally comes to Mori Condo. With abundant range of residential facilities specifically designed to enhance physical fitness and also relax completely, relaxation has never been easier. The green forest thrives with life, made to give you a feeling of greatness and joy every time. Find a home designed with your mind in mind for maximum enjoyment. Enjoy the freedom of making space for your convenience with friends, family and lover. Wash soul and body in swimming pools and trees around the lake. Read a book at the Green Garden, or take a walk along the garden path. A great suggestion on the weekend. There are typical internal facilities at Mori such as gyms, infinity swimming pools, wellness corners, barbecue pits and sun decks,...



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Mori Condo | Enjoy The Many Flavours Life Has To Offer

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Mori Condo Facilities


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