Olloi (Former Pomex Court) developed by K16 Development

We specialise in rental management for individual property owners seeking a complete property management solution.

K16 Development is focused on building trust by taking care of and carefully controlling each part of the process. We find that many potential disputes and problems landlords have with tenants can be avoided if addressed from the very start. Our methodical approach at every stage ensures all foreseeable issues are addressed so they are less likely to happen, and if they do, are efficiently and effectively managed so that you have peace of mind.

As landlords too, we understand the objective is to have control, maximize your rental yields and minimize void periods. We find that managing your tenants from the start in a fair and responsible manner is the best way to achieve that. Why? Managed properties consistently lead to fewer void periods, timely payments, less costly repair jobs and less time-consuming disagreements.

Our Experience avoids costly issues. Having done this hundred of times, we’ve seen almost every problem, dealt with it, refined our processes and then done it again.

Relationships were built over time. With our long-standing agents, contractors and industry peers, it means our maintenance, administration and overhead cost are kept low. Most importantly, our maintenance is done right.

We are focused and personal. By doing one thing over and over, we’ve built the experience save you time, cost and lots of potential stress. Also, we assign one primary manager who you will deal with. This means one point of contact with someone who you know and knows you.

With our Online Portal, you can keep tabs on your property anytime, and that means no more waiting for updates and important contracts like tenancy agreements are never lost.