Phoenix Residences offers residents a unique living space to mingle with nature and immerse themselves in the outdoor lifestyle. You can completely relax and enjoy a wonderful weekend with your family at the facilities provided. Refresh your emotions and body in the pool, take a stroll around the lakeside garden or spend time exercising like jogging, cycling and swimming. It is a perfect example of modern and comfortable living here.


Phoenix Residences Pool


Phoenix Residences Gate


Phoenix Residences Garden

Phoenix Residences Bukit Panjang is the perfect place to hold a special gathering for family and friends. Catch up to the picnic, while the children have fun on the vast lawn. Surrounded by aquariums and floating gardens bring you closer to nature as you immerse yourself in the happiness of the house. The apartment is designed to suit every family, with beautiful views bring you close to nature and elegant houses for a unique, sophisticated lifestyle.

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Phoenix Residences Facilities

Facilities will be coming soon. Please CALL US or FILL IN THE FORM to stay updated