The Albracca new condo presents you a resort living with a myriad of the exclusive facilities and interior. Take the time to go for a walk around the condo, see the bird nestled in the lush foliage, hear their tunable symphony or read the book you like under the trees. The magnificent cityscape, the beauty of sunset and sunrise, make your soul is empty and experience new energy from nature. Let everyday here as on a wonderful vacation.

After a long time in your office, back to your home and relax both your Body and Mind in the 50 m Lap Pool, recharge your batteries with a glass of cocktail or champagne, find your own balance among the bustle of the city life.

Are you wondering what about the floor plans of new condo at former site of The Albracca, aren't you? Don't hesitate to take a look and Tell Us the type that you need.

The Albracca Site Plan & Facilities

The Albracca Site Plan & Facilities in details is coming soon! Please GET IN TOUCH WITH US or FILL IN THE FORM for first-hand information.