At Uptown at Farrer, there are many attractive facilities for residents to enjoy, including pools, lap pool, outdoor fitness, spa pond, gym and yoga, dining pavilion, BBQ pits, functional room, etc.. Every single day, all your senses will be relaxed and pampered when you come back home after a long day. Take a dip in the infinity pool, lay down on the sundeck while your little angels have fun safety in kid's pools and kid's playground. Or simply have a romantic dinner with your lover at the dining pavilion. You can create happiness, here, at your own home.

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Uptown @ Farrer Site Plan

    1. Marigold Pavilion

    2. Hickory Grill

    3. Jasmine Lawn

    4. Murraya Trail

    5. Kids’ Water Play

    6. Aqua Deck

    7. Lap Pool

    8. Changing Room

    9. Pool Deck

    10. Magnolia Lounge

    11. Changing Room

    12. Swimming Pool Shower

    13. Lift Lobby

    14. Gym

    15. Outdoor Deck

    16. Toilet

    17. Main Entrance (1st Storey)

    18. Guard Post (1st Storey)

    19. Bicycle Lots (1st Storey)

    20. Bin Centre (1st Storey)

    21. Substation (1st Storey)

    22. Generator (3rd Storey)

    23. Water Tank (24th 15 Storey)


Uptown at Farrer Facilities


Metropolitan Living, All Day All Night

Uptown @ Farrer represents the quintessential city fringe experience – youthful energy around the clock, vitality that knows no bounds, a cosmopolitan mix within a cultural enclave, fuss-free connectivity to your doorstep, and retail therapy to suit the needs of every shopper.


To Many, A Destination. Among A Privileged Few, It’s Home.

A mixed-development comprising a single 21-storey residential block with 116 exclusive units and 7 retail outlets next to an integrated 18-storey apartment tower serviced by Ascott, Uptown @ Farrer offers a new landmark in luxurious living. A graceful facade of glass and steel, the architects have designed a powerful skyline silhouette that is as captivating from the outside as the views it provides looking out from within. For the select few with the most discerning of tastes, now there’s something to look up to.

Plug Into Lyf, A Community By The Ascott Limited

Discover a vibrant community at lyf Farrer Park Singapore, managed by The Ascott Limited. lyf, Ascott’s latest serviced residence brand, is a co-living brand designed by Millennials for Millennials, to foster community living and social interaction among lyf guests. Be invited to specially curated social events and activities created by lyf for residents of the serviced apartment, where available.




Your Own Uptown Oasis

Dedicated to providing a premier resort experience, Uptown @ Farrer is designed with you in mind. From the shimmering Lap Pool to an expansive Kids’ Water Play, Magnolia Lounge to pockets of calm and quietude to re-energise in the most idyllic haven, the high life awaits your indulgence.


A sanctuary for the senses, expect unforgettable ambience every time you arrive. It’s the perfect retreat for city dwellers yearning for privacy and tranquility; yet do not wish to compromise on convenience. Uptown @ Farrer, a home to luxuriate, a location to love.


A Smart Home With Spectacular Views

Cozy and stylish, retreat into a world of understated elegance. This is your inner sanctum, an expansive living space to relax in luxury framed by spectacular views. A thoughtfully designed layout accommodates a spacious interior filled with designer fittings and built-in smart home provisions that makes managing one’s smart home ecosystem, from security to living convenience, effortless. A wide variety of smart expansions may be further integrated to fit your lifestyle.