Living well comes naturally at Bernam Street Condo. With 55 exclusive residents’ facilities specially designed for physical invigoration and also total relaxation, unwinding has never been this easy. Find three different forests thriving with life, each created to give you a sense of wonder and joy every time. Find a home designed with your utmost enjoyment in mind.

Relish the freedom to personalise your home with interiors conceived to be open, flexible and adaptable to your needs. Enjoy the flexibility of creating a bigger, more seamless space by merging both living and bedrooms. Alternatively, choose a higher ceiling loft suite which comes with an upper deck that can double up as a guest room, study or hobby nook. This is manifested in every home at Bernam Street Condo by MCC Land.

Bernam Street Condo grandeur

Enter an exquisite residence that ref lects the grandeur of luxury hotels.

Bernam Street Condo architecture

An architectural wonder that is as splendid as it is indulging.

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One Bernam Facilities

One Bernam will be coming soon. Keep Contact Us to get more information as the first one