Cashew Green - Luxury in the decoration to every detail

Cashew Green has 3 floors and 19 units for the residents. Out of these 19 units, there are 11 terrace units, 4 corner units and 4 semi detached units. All of the 19 units are ideally located and have all the facilities like car parking, swimming pools etc. The option of installing lift is still on the table as the developers can fix lift in the unit on special request. Furthermore, various layouts are available depending upon the type of unit.

The unit mix within Cashew Green @District 23 is as follows Type A (size: 1918-2132 sqft), Type A1 (size: 1918-2446 sqft), and Type D (size: 415 sqft). Their built up size will be as follow: Type A (4772-4903 sqft), Type A1 (4903-6300 sqft) and Type D1 (544 sqft). All these units were perfectly created to cater to multi-generational living. All units are really spacious, best for both small and large families.

Cashew Green by Far East Organization has an interior design that is remarkable because it is extremely luxurious. The private home brings natural light that will flood every detail of the living room, from the balcony to the dining area to accentuate your bright and airy living room. Perfect for families who want to enjoy comfort and privacy, this unit is set up by creativity and offers a small garden space. With the master bedroom fitted with a built-in wardrobe, you always feel comfortable and modern in your home.

Cashew Green is a coveted luxury residence in the heart of the city with a view of the green park, marking a masterpiece in District 23. Check out the developers now!


Own a unique masterpiece that is truly a composition of refinement and sophistication, where unmatched modern living and comfort await, Cashew Green.


Perfect Ten Units Mix

Type Size No of Units
Inter Terrace Homes From 3,047 sq ft 11
Corner Terrace Homes From 3,887 sq ft 4
4 Semi-Detached Houses From 3,887 sq ft 4
Total 19 units

Cashew Green Floor Plans




Type A




Type B