Enchante Site Plan and Facilities

Enchante, a living space that is intuitive and intimate, luxurious yet functional, modern yet lush — that is the vision for 10 Evelyn that was shared by developer Evelyn Pte Ltd (Victory Land). The gleaming five-storey blocks of the property are arranged around an intimate courtyard and pool area, creating a village-like atmosphere in its cosiness and privacy. The four buildings are adorned with a profusion of luxuriant greenery. The property has been designed so that this garden atmosphere can be appreciated from all angles. Lush greenery abounds everywhere, with all four residential blocks embellished with terracotta-stained vertical gardens bursting with gorgeous flora. These unique, elevated planters form an eye-catching geometric design that at once feels modern yet organic.

Enchante Condo with special architectural and landscape planning, there are many common facilities for residents to enjoy. Utilities include folding swimming pool, multi-function room, gym, BBQ pit, jacuzzi.

Enchante - There are also different themed garden pavilions on different levels - Ohana Sanctuary (Furry Friends' Garden) on Level 4, Quiet Sanctuary (The Eden) on Level 6, Herbal Santuary (The Herbetum) on Level 6. Floor 8, Bloom Sanctuary (The Serenity) on Level 10, Nebula Sanctuary (The Vantage Point) on Level 12, and Nirvana Sanctuary (The Utopia) on Level 14.

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Enchante Site Plan



1 Driveway to 1st Storey Car Park

2 Fitness Gymnasium

3 BBQ Pit

4 Alfresco Dining

5 Multi-purpose Room

6 Lap Pool

7 Jacuzzi

8 Outdoor Shower

9 Relaxation Sunken Deck

10 Landscape Lawn

11 Changing Room

12 Sky Gardens

Furry Friends’ Garden @ 4th Storey

The Eden @ 6th Storey

The Herbetum @ 8th Storey

The Serenity @ 10th Storey

The Vantage Point @ 12th Storey

The Utopia @ 14th Storey

A Sprinkler Tank @ 3rd Storey

B Genset @ 16th Storey

C Water Tank @ 16th Storey

D Side Pedestrian Entrance @ 1st Storey

E Exit Staircase

F Bin Point @ 1st Storey

G Bicycle Parking Lots @ 1st Storey

H EV- Charging Point @ 1st Storey

Enchante Facilities


your key to access the bliss of
enchanting life.

An abode where exuberance and zest for life are ignited. At enchanté, elegance comes as a way of life, and never as an afterthought.

An oasis of serenity.

Your place of peace - a refuge from the lights and sounds of life.

Tucked within the quiet confines of coveted District 11, enchanté, on Evelyn Road is your exclusive 25-unit, 16 storey dream abode come to life.


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An intimate escape nestled in the heart of the city

Retreat and unwind. Your private haven - an escape from the world. Isolate from the lights and sound, and rejuvenate in the warm embrace of your home.



A paradise of tranquility.

A renewal for your body and mind. Take refuge in the healing waves.


‘ We come into the world with an inherent awareness of the magical and an understanding of the enchanted Iife. We want life to be more than just the daily grind; we want It to have meaning and purpose. We want it to have enchantment.” - Lynn Williams


A landscape of refined living.

Bask in the glow of natural beauty - with six allocated green spaces, a lush, verdant atmosphere surrounds your every step.



The Interchange / 相見歡

Elegance and function come together at The Interchange - where you can host cosy gatherings, boisterous celebrations or focused work sessions moments away from your abode. Productivity and pleasures have never felt more at home.



Furry Friends’ Garden / 萌寵園

A place of gathering and warmth for the entire family, the Fury Friends’ Garden provides a natural and comforting place for you and your loved ones to take a break. With a dedicated play space for the furry friends – it shall be the ideal space for the family (including our furry friends) to unwind and relax.



The Eden / 桃花源

A garden of discovery, the Eden plays home to our friends from nature. Flowers, sunlight and foliage provide an environment for natural growth to thrive – while dedicated walking paths and seats allow you and your loved ones to be embraced by this oasis of tranquillity.



The Herbetum / 紫苑

The Herbetum plays host to a range of herbs and spices, each adding the preferred flavour and aroma to the display of your culinary skills when you prepare the next homecooked meal for your loved ones.



The Serenity / 養心閣

A paradise of sights and scents, the Serenity is a designated space for productivity – with a stunning sight to behold and the delightful scents of nature, the Serenity shall be the ideal place for your next WFH, helping you to remain agile and competitive while away from the office.



The Vantage Point

The Vantage Point, with the breath-taking view of the city and the soothing effect of the water features, shall lure you away from the vicissitudes of daily life and provide you with a space for your daily retreat.



The Utopia

Relaxing your body and refocusing your mind? The Utopia has been designed precisely to attain these two objectives in mind. Surrounded by its complete peace and tranquillity and away from the turmoil of modern life, The Utopia shall be the ideal place to relax, and become refreshed. Whether you are doing your meditation on your yoga mat or taking an unhurried barefoot stroll across the pebbles, The Utopia shall welcome your arrival.

A paragon of design and function.


Designed with the family in mind - each home in enchanté, on Evelyn Road is a home for multiple generations, where form and function come together in perfect harmony.


Immerse in premier comfort.



An exhibition of designer refinement - each unit comes fitted with progressive fittings, and lavish colour schemes - the pinnacle of functionality and elegance.

A home to be cherished.

Come back to the home of the future. Integrated smart home technologies ensure that you will have peace of mind no matter where you are.



A smart home that takes care of you.

More than a house - a smart home. Future-proof your home with smart technologies that bring you security and convenience.

Smart Gateway

Security at the forefront - the Smart Gateway is your first line of defence toward a safer home.


Digital Lock

Leave those keys behind - the Digital Lock ensures that you'll never be locked out again.


Smart Air-Con Control

Enjoy the atmosphere you want - with the Smart Air-Con control, you'll never have to wait for that ideal room temperature anymore.