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Former Realty Centre | New Launch Condominium in District 05

Former Realty Centre is a freehold mixed development project that located at 15 Enggor Street. The 12-story former Realty Centre was purchased in a collective sale by The Place Holdings, with MCC Land and Sun Card Limited agreeing to be shareholders. They foresee a distinct mixed-use property in the CBD region with the combined experience of The Place Holdings and MCC Land as primary shareholders. MCC Land will be able to give vital advice and perfect this next project because it is already participating in the neighboring One Bernam project. Former Realty Centre might generate 35 storeys of residential flats.

Former Realty Centre | New Launch Condominium in District 05

Visiting Former Realty Centre to discover the spectacular connectivity in the heart of the city as well as the attractive amenities surrounding the condo.

Former Realty Centre

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Project Name Former Realty Centre
Address 15 Enggor Street, 079716
District 02
Developer The Place Holdings
No. Of Units Approximately 100 units
Plot ratio Approximately 5.6+
Height Limit Maximum height of 35 storeys
Land area Est. 1,021.9 sq m/ 11,000 sq ft
Gross floor area upon redevelopment Approximately 5,722.64 sq m/ 61,598 sq ft
Verified gross floor area Approximately 5,514.24 sq m/ 59,355 sq ft
Tenure Freehold

Floor Plans

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