Ikigai Condo by Opulent Development Pte. Ltd

Ikigai is an upcoming boutique condominium located on Shrewsbury Road in District 11. Ikigai features a collection of 16 spacious and luxurious residences, with one to three bedrooms. Developed by Opulent Development Pte. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Developments Pte. Ltd. The project's location in the heart of the city and the tranquility of Shrewsbury Road exudes an atmosphere of spiritual invigoration for seekers, reinforced by a number of places of worship along the road. Neighborhood development is quite popular for homebuyers and real estate investors thanks to its strategic location, reasonable prices, close proximity to many famous educational institutions, utilities and development potential of projects. judgment in the future. The information below will introduce the basic points about the investor of this apartment. Grab your chance to live in a luxurious and comfortable home.

Prime Developments Pte. Ltd

Our Philosophy
We are here to create body of work with a high degree of artistry, beauty and city building. We focused on refine experience by embody the relationship of our creation with the environment and through celebrate the tradition of craft and materiality. We have projects in every scale from micro to macro level including luxury residential, commercials, hotels, retail and offices. We are practice working towards the goal of bringing seemingly disparate elements together, in an attempt to make meaningful collaboration to our building. Every one of those collaborations has pushed our practice in a certain direction.

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Ikigai Condo - Crafted For Relaxation At Every Turn