Pollen Collection is embraced by nature, tranquility and kampong spirit, which is rare in other places, and it heralds an exciting new chapter in the rich story of Seletar Mountain. A residential area that inherits the legacy of high-quality housing and is shaped for a new future, Inspired by the vigorous development of the region. Development as a pioneer In the ambitious master plan, Nim Collection offers more than just a home. This is a unique There is an opportunity to shape the next chapter into a story that will shape future generations.

Find out your own layout here! Surrounded by the area’s enduring charms. A cosy life of modern comfort close to nature

Pollen Collection Facilities

Pollen Collection facilities will be coming soon. Please Contact Us and we will contact you as soon as possible

Pollen Collection | Site Plan And Facilities

All purchasers will benefit from the Developer Discount Scheme & Limited Unit Selection