At Provence Residence, residents have a place in here. From sunrise to moonlight, there is always somewhere within your home and environment that will keep you entertained, make you merry and delightful. You can truly expect a privileged life that you have always imagined it to be. Designed to let you interact with nature, find three different forests thriving with life, each created to give you a sense of wonder and joy every time. find a home designed with your utmost enjoyment in mind. A lush sanctuary with 3 stunning forest themes, every forest offers you a pavilion where you can indulge in many possibilities.

Provence Residence - Clubhouse


Provence Residence Pavilion

the Zen Pavilion and Reading Pavilion

Provence Condo is the perfect place to hold a special gathering for family and friends. Catch up to the picnic, while the children have fun on the vast lawn. Surrounded by aquariums and floating gardens bring you closer to nature as you immerse yourself in the happiness of the house. The apartment is designed to suit every family, with beautiful views bring you close to nature and elegant houses for a unique, sophisticated lifestyle.

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Provence Residence Facilities

Facilities is coming soon, Please kindly CONTACT US or FILL IN THE FORM to get the first-hand information