At Provence Residence, residents have a place in here. From sunrise to moonlight, there is always somewhere within your home and environment that will keep you entertained, make you merry and delightful. You can truly expect a privileged life that you have always imagined it to be. Designed to let you interact with nature, find three different forests thriving with life, each created to give you a sense of wonder and joy every time. find a home designed with your utmost enjoyment in mind. A lush sanctuary with 3 stunning forest themes, every forest offers you a pavilion where you can indulge in many possibilities.

Provence Residence - Clubhouse


Provence Residence Pavilion

the Zen Pavilion and Reading Pavilion

Provence Condo is the perfect place to hold a special gathering for family and friends. Catch up to the picnic, while the children have fun on the vast lawn. Surrounded by aquariums and floating gardens bring you closer to nature as you immerse yourself in the happiness of the house. The apartment is designed to suit every family, with beautiful views bring you close to nature and elegant houses for a unique, sophisticated lifestyle.

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Provence Residence Site Plan





1. Entryway

2. Arrival Court

3. Arrival Water Feature

4. Arrival Drop Off

5. Arrival Waiting Area

6. Cascading Water Feature

Jardin d'eau

7. Arrival Spring

8. Family Pool

9. Kid Pool

10. Jet Pool

11. Family Deck

12. Overflow Water Feature

13. Gym Room

14. Changing Room

15. Steam Room

16. Reflective Water Feature

17. Learning Zone

18. Entertainment Zone

19. Function Room

20. Lounge Deck

21. Sun Lounge

22. 5Om Lap Pool

23. Topiary Walk

24. Romance Square

25. Romance Court

26. Relaxing Deck

27. Celebration Pavilion

28. Celebration Lawn

29. Garden Walk

30. Secret Court

31. Infinity Edge Walk


Sanctuaire du Jardin

32. Flower Garden

33. Boutique Lawn Garden

34. Leisure Deck

35. Green Checker Garden

36. Serenity Garden

37. Fragrance Garden

38. Green Lounge

39. Botany Walk

Jardin du Pavillon

40. Dining Pavilion

41. Alfresco Dining

42. Chill Out Lawn

43. Party BBO Pavilion

44. Party Alfresco Dining

45. Party Lawn

La Santt

46. Half Basketball Court

47. Jogging Track (30m)

48. Children's Playground

49. Fitness Corner


A. Bicycle Parking Lots

B. Guard House

F. Side Gates



5O. Sky Dining

51. Sky Lounge

52. Sky Lawn


53. Roof Terrace


A. Bicycle Parking Lots

C. Genset

D. Bin Centre

E. Electrical Sub-station

F. Side Gate

Landscape Concept

Adapted from French courtyard design aligned with modernism, a place of serenity and romance. It encapsulates its residence with a modern contemporary landscape, with symmetrical walkways accompanied with short to tall hedges, beautiful flowers and scents providing a highly acclaimed and sought after lifestyle experience of fantasy and luxury that is rich in stimulating comfort lends an air of warmth and opulence. There are spaces that are intimate and engaging making romance the underlying tone of the design. The landscape spaces, formed by interlocking courtyards create outdoor pockets that are romantic, intimate and private.

It consists of 2 Main zones, the Royal French Court and Country Side Gardens.

Royal French Court is the central core of the development’s facilities, filled with symmetrical and geometrical landscape design while hedges of different horizontal and vertical layers encapsulating the users in the area a sense of comfort and elegance. It encompasses areas of “Bonjour”, “Jardin d’eau” and even the 2nd level “Living up”.

The Countryside Gardens consists of Sanctuaire du Jardin, Jardine du Pavillon and La Sante. This zone beautifies the secluded and pensive places that are colourful and full of different types of flowers and plants, giving residence personal space outside of their homes. By implementing multiple secluded semi-private gardens away from the Royal French Court, it gives the project the open private spaces for the residence to enjoy rest and relaxation.

A 2nd level “living up” zone above the function room give the residence a space to celebrate, gather or have small events that lets them interact with one another while being in the open.

Overall Architecture / Lifestyle Concept

Modern Living of French Style

Provence Residence aspires to be distinctive in forging a strong presence and contemporary lifestyle, all set within a repose built environment. The design of Provence Residence is incited by the admiration of French design that exudes effortless chic while embracing elegance and simplicity. Provence Residence is organized as a series of spaces that are carefully orchestrated as intimate courts and promenades. There are a variety of terraced courts, gardens where residents can stroll about at their leisure, and areas where water activities are in abundance.

The architecture of the residential blocks adopts the contemporary French silhouette. It is a collection of clean lines, measured material selections, and details developed with a touch of a vintage motif, in the form of Breton stripes. In all its effortless elegance, the archetypal French silhouette is limited to a palette of black, white, grey and scarce accent colours.

Provence Residence Facilities