Royal Hallmark - Rejuvenate all senses of owners

Located in a peaceful neighborhood, Royal Hallmark is expected to become a luxury development with exquisite local amenities and masterpieces. Offering a wide range of facilities from the preliminary to the extremely detailed, this development will provide you with a wonderful experience where every moment of your life is preserved. There are so many amenities at the Royal Hallmark that it's impossible not to notice.

The facilities of Royal Hallmark Condo will include a park, swimming pool, function room, gym, yoga room, BBQ area, and other detailed facilities. Set in a ravishing landscape, this apartment will delight you from every angle. Try swimming with the 50m pool, or be active with sports at the function room such as basketball, badminton or simply meditate at the yoga room. You can also improve your health at the Gym and then have a relaxing treatment in the hot stone sauna.

Royal Hallmark Pool

Royal Hallmark Pool

Royal Hallmark Gym Room

Royal Hallmark Gym Room

Royal Hallmark Residences will be where your story begins, where you are yourself and rejuvenated from within. With modern facilities, you are fully owned, fully active and completely relaxed, that's what the apartment will bring you. The architecture is exquisite in creating the ideal living space, for people and nature and inspired by the fatigue of life, to reverse transformation and to create a good life within.

Check out the Royal Hallmark Floor Plans quickly and quickly pick your favorite spot before it sells out!

Royal Hallmark Site Plan

A Rejuvenated Lifestyle Awaits


1. Vehicular Ingress/Egress

2. Arrival Point

3. Pedestrian Gate

4. Bicycle Lots

5. Lift Lobby

6. Arrival Courtyard

7. Verandah Lounge

8. Lap Pool

9. Sun Deck

10. Shower Point

11. Pet’s Haven

12. Blissful Lawn

13. Children’s Cove

14. Outdoor Fitness Corner

15. Herb Garden

16. Bin Point

17. Refuse Chamber

18. Consumer Switch Room

19. Main Distribution Frame Room

20. Water Bulk Meter


Whether it is a quiet moment meditating in the Blissful Lawn or a relaxing swim in the lap pool, the Royal Hallmark offers a wide array of recreational facilities designed to exceptional wellness standards.

1. Lift Lobby

2. Sky Lounge

3. Royal Pavilion

3'. Hallmark Pavilion

4. BBQ Area

5. Tiffin Lounge

5'. Reading Lounge

6. Jacuzzi

7. Observation Lawn

Royal Hallmark Facilities

Our History, Your Freehold Legacy

“Legacy is not what I did for myself. It’s what I’m doing for the next generation."- Vitor Belfort

Sophisticated Lifestyle Expressed In Black-And-White

Named after Sir Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Bemersyde, who won the war of attrition for the British, Haig Road was also home to the colonial government quarters. Inspired by the colonial bungalows built between the late 19th century to the early 1930s in Singapore, Royal Hallmark instills a sense of nostalgia and elegance with its monotonous tones of dark grey windows and white-washed walls. Like true royalty, its exclusive offering of 32 spacious apartments further elevates this splendorous experience.


Equipped with a curated suite of leisure and wellness facilities, residents can indulge in various stress-relieving activities on the 1st storey. Simply head down to the outdoor fitness corner and burn a ton of calories amidst some fresh air and greenery, or dive into the lap pool for a refreshing swim. Children will also get to have boundless fun at the Children’s Cove.


Surrounded by the beautiful aromatic garden and lush landscapes, every moment at the Royal Hallmark is simply pure joy. Host a fun-filled barbeque party at the roof garden and spend quality time bonding with family and friends over great food and a panoramic view of the local scenery. Hosting a private dining event at one of the pavilions is also a great choice.

Royal Hallmark Interior

“A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there."- M. K. Soni

With its well-planned layouts and ravishing landscapes, come home to a delightful surprise is awaiting you at home.

Marquis HQO: A leading European imported furniture supplier, Marquis HQO curates top-notch indoor and outdoor furniture from all over the world.

Bosch: Enjoy the perfect union of function and aesthetics right in your kitchen with the sophisticated Bosch Black Collection.

Mitsubishi Electric: Besides its excellent 5-tick energy-efficient feature and super silent technology, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners also come with zero ozone depleting potential through the utilising of its new R32 refrigerant.

Yale: No more fumbling for the keys with Yale Digital Door Lock! Enter conveniently with just One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method.

Sanitary Wares and Fittings: Made in Italy, renowned bathroom and wellness brand, Gessi, is known for its exquisite quality and innovative design in luxurious sanitary fittings. Founded in Switerland in 1892, Laufen manufactures quality sanitary products in state-of-the-art plants with legendary Swiss precision.

The Luxury Collection

Live your life in lavish style and the greatest comfort with Royal Hallmark’s exclusive luxurious units*. With access to the swimming pool or rooftop facilities, residents staying in these units get to enjoy the convenience at their doorsteps. Open a world of endless enjoyment and relaxation.

*A total of 4 units available: 2 with direct access to the swimming pool and 2 with direct access to the rooftop