At The Reef @ King’s Dock, residents have a place in here. From sunrise to moonlight, there is always somewhere within your home and environment that will keep you entertained, make you merry and delightful. You can truly expect a privileged life that you have always imagined it to be. Inspired by the small waves of the rock bay, the curvingly constructed walkway radiates long, sensuous curves to form a vast landscape. Like solid low-rise towers interwoven with lush green gardens, adding pools, clubhouses and barbecue areas to enrich the comfort of your daily life. The rows of coniferous pine trees along the pathway, along the lush green gardens create a cool atmosphere for the whole area, neutralizing the salty smell of the sea and cleaning the air. With a blue concept of water designed on Singapore's Keppel Bay, the landscape of Keppel Bay Residences resonates with the cool blue and surrounding coastline.

The Reef @ King’s Dock - Clubhouse


The Reef @ King’s Dock Pavilion

the Zen Pavilion and Reading Pavilion

Harbourfront Avenue Condo with living and dining areas are specially designed to be side-by-side, so that you can indulge in the extravagance of space for relaxation and pleasure. From quality fittings to intuitive designs, dining and living flow seamlessly to create the ultimate expression of luxury, perfectly balanced between functionality and glamour.

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The Reef At King’s Dock Site Plan

The Reef At King’s Dock Site Plan will be coming soon. Please Contact Us and we will contact you as soon as possible